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Tokyo Vampire is a monodrama written and performed by Australian actor Dwayne Lawler. A heartbreaking horror story, Tokyo Vampire is a kinder, gentler vampire - a superhero of the underworld - waxing philosophical about life and death as he recounts his tragic romance with his Dark Lady.

Selected Review Quotes:

“The descriptive prose is beautiful and engaging... Anne Rice would be proud.” -Nytheatre.com  

 “…the production succeeds by delivering the voyeuristic horror thrills that most fans of the macabre eagerly expect from a vampire's tale. The performance achieves this through old-fashioned storytelling and without the presence of the vampire's victims—or any blood, for that matter. That is a feat that a lesser performer could not hope to replicate.” -Offoffonline.com  

“Lawler, an Australian actor who also wrote the play, uses his voice to excellent effect as his tale jumps from incident to incident and mood to mood.” -The Daily Yomiuri